ATWFF Season 2

Around The World For Free

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Around The World For Free is the first online interactive series where we circumnavigate the globe with only the help of the online audience.

In Season 2 of Around The World For Free , Jeff Schroeder traveled over 26000 miles, across 3 continents, through 13 countries all in under 106 days.

With an adventure this huge it is no wonder that we posted over 59 webisodes to the interactive community website on

With amazing sponsorship by AT&T and American Airlines, Around The World For Free reached over 8 million viewers worldwide and was awarded Best Video Series and Best of Show at the 2010 Digital Video Awards.

We really want to thank the entire Around The World For Free Community. Without you this journey is not possible.

To see the webisodes, photos and chats from this amazing journey, visit now.

Be Safe and Never Stop Travelling!